Mighty Men of Mouse

Adam Britten joins the show to challenge Kip. Their job this week is to draft a land. We also have a GALLIMAUFRY!  Topics include the worst people in Walt Disney World, custom touring plans, and What If....Disney had purchased Star Wars twenty years earlier.

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It's time to rumble.  It's time for the 2016 MMOM Attraction Royal Rumble.  Current attractions! Retired attractions! Go over the top.

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This week we are joined by James Rosemergy to discuss some of his articles on Touring Plans. Topics include traveling with wimps, annual pass and memory maker value, where to spend eternity in Walt Disney Wolrd, and sandwiches.  Make sure to follow James on Twitter dot com.

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First half of the show is a discussion with Josh Gonzalez and Eric Laycock to discuss the Cruise Cup Challenge.  After that and the 39:55 mark of the show, we discuss Star Wars The Force Awakens with John Kivus, Elyssa Kivus, and Wes James

Since they were so generous with their time and energy, we ask that you support our guests' other projects:

Ropedrop DOT Net -- the best site on the internet

SAVE TOMORROWLAND! -- a site that I marvel at on a regular basis

Into the Briar Batch -- check out what Eric has to say about the Cruise Cup and more

Carye Gonzalez's blog -- learn about what she learns each day


Dutch also listened to a lot of podcasts to get ready for this show.  Here's what he listened to:

The Incomparable Episode 277 -- listen to John Siracusa

Hello Internet Episode 54

Banished to the Pen Special Episode with Ben Lindbergh

WDWNT Nerd Alert


Collider Jedi Council


E-Ticket Report


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