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This week the team uses Hollow World by Nick Pobursky as a jumping off point to discuss some WDW topics.  The listener interaction satchel is emptied by answering questions about Johnny Mac, Dutch and Kip's experience with FastPass+, castmember training, advice for MLB's Winter Meetings, Couzzina, Be Our Guest Restaurant and Sanaa.  There's also a fun question about the best way to commute to work using a ride vehicle.

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Mighty Men of Manners this week as the the guys tackle a blog by Erin Foster of TouringPlans.com about being well-behaved while on vacation.  Atrocities discussed include loud talkers, dirty diapers, Brazilian tour groups, room service trays, loud talking, and foul language.

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Give me back my son!  The main topic is a discussion of what we would like to start up a Kickstarter for the Disney community.  News Wheel is back and turns on Gary Sinese's face, the Candlelight Processional, Joffrey's Coffee, the sad state of the monorail fleet, closures at Animal Kingdom, and improving Disney transportation.  

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The first half of this week's episode is the boys taking on the Listener Interaction Satchel.  Topics include child sleep and Len, Victoria and Albert's, signature cocktails, more bar ideas, difficulties booking DVC, chafing again, and Dylan McDermott.  The second topic is $40/day at Downtown Disney.  Dutch has an anger-fueled Backpage.  We answered questions from the following listeners:





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This week the Team ask what they want to level, keep and more of when it comes to Christmas in WDW.  It's also Thanksgiving Tradition time!  The boys share their ideas for gifts for the men in your life.  Highlights include beer, Grand Theft Auto: Metropolitan Orlando, tech gear and other fun stuff.

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This week the Team hop in Doc Brown's Delorean to ask what events in the history of the Disney Company would have caused the internet to light itself on fire. 

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Kip is back from the World and has some observations from his trip on dining with little ones, dealing with illness while on vacation, and a private party at Hollywood Studios.  The team also tackles listener notes on chafing, customer sevice, the College Program and traveling with a three year old.

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This week features Dutch, Russ and Kip emptying out the Listener Interaction Satchel.  Questions tackled include the decline in customer service, honeymoon planning, tips for saving for trips, the benefits of DVC, ideas for bars, and more.  What a rush!

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Dutch is going to the World and enlists the rest of the Team to help figure out what he should do when he’s down there all by his lonesome.  The Boys also discuss their favorite new feature over at TouringPlans.com.

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Mousetrapped discussion on seeing how the sausage is made, would you want to live this life, how would you kill time in the World without cash or a pass, and more.  Listener questions include a romantic dinner with Lou, a HuffPo October Preview, and a follow up on the future of travel agents.

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Kip takes the team through some odd quirks on his upcoming trip.  The Listener Contact Satchel includes detailed trip notes from a mysterious benefactor.

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his week Team MMOM imagines what would happen if the Magic Kingdom were shut down like the federal government.  A listener mailbag include whether or not Disney Co. is on the decline, worst possible advice, bad tasting water, and bracketology.

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Team MMOM continues to bend the parks to their iron will with another game of Level it, Keep it, More of it.  The guys also tackle questions on Disney Company’s financial health, the death of the GAC, and the Red Sox.  Russ has the Backpage.

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Listener questions start the show off.  Topics include a Fastpass+ review, a discussion on how to cut through the noise on customer service perception, thoughts on which professional sports franchise the Disney Company would be, and pizza.

This week’s topic is how to get by on the Monorail Resorts on $40.  Dutch has the Backpage.

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This week Team MMOM does a deep dive on the book DisneyWar by James B. Stewart.  Looking at the book affords the Team the opportunity to closely examine the Eisner era.  Kip has the Backpage.

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Team MMOM takes an in-depth look at hotel ratings and a deep dive AAA Diamond Ratings.  They also take a peek at Fodors, the Unofficial Guide, PassPorter, and aggregators.  Kip ties the record for most Carl Lewis appearances in under a minute.  The News Wheel turns briefly on RCS Champion California Grill and the future of travel agents.  Russ has the backpage.

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Team MMOM plays a new game:  Level it, Keep It, More of it with Epcot.

They discuss what they want gone, what they want to stay exactly the same forever, and what they want to see expanded in everyone’s favorite park.

The Listener Satchel includes some fun new ideas for rich people, tips for beginner’s tips, and an update on the Platinum package.  Dutch has the Backpage.

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This week Team MMOM help you help the people in your life their Beginner’s Guide to Beginner’s Guides to Walt Disney World. The men also talk back at some listeners.

Topics include Testa Bombing, Mike Newelling, our underdeveloped drinking palates, the best place to have a cocktail at the Swalphin, the role of Scotland in the UK Pavilion, L.E.N. criticism, and overaggressive crowd negotiation. Kip has the Backpage.

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After tackling Epcot Resorts on a budget last week, Team MMOM takes a look at how the other half lives with top shelf experiences that include VIP tours, the Platinum Dining Plan, private planes, and more.

Dutch also shares his experiences planning a last minute trip and the unique challenges that opportunity represents. Russ has the Backpage.

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Team MMOM takes a look at “travel tips” from a couple of news sources. Issues tackled include the scourge of over-packing, the danger of sneaky wording in hotel ads, ways to lie/cheat/steal/ask for politely hotel upgrades, and what to expect from hotels when traveling.

The boys also do their best Rachel Ray impression and try to get by at the Epcot Resorts on $40 a day. Dutch has the Backpage.

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This week Dutch unveils a formula for calculating the cost of your time in Walt Disney World.  The Team uses the formula to discuss the value of renting a car, FastPasses, curbside check-in, and more.  Team MMOM also read two listener e-mails about the direction of the resort.  Kip has the Backpage.

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Let's get ethical!  This week Team MMOM tries to do the right or at least figure out what that is.  Ethical dilemmas tackled include sham hotel reservations, being too fat the sky, aggressive rope drop tactics, FastPass cheats, and phony ADRs.  As a bonus, we also read an e-mail from Robert about Kip's backpage.  Russ has the Backpage.

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This week Team MMOM tackles the art of restaurant reviews.  They review the reviews of AAA, the Unofficial Guide, the Bar and Lounge Guide, and Zagat's.  An abbreviated News Wheel turns on a Facebook post from Mike Scopa and a blog from the Disney Hipsters.  Dutch has the Backpage.

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Team MMOM discusses all aspects of waiting in line this week. Armed with David Maister’s The Psychology of Waiting in Lines, Kip, Russ and Dutch tackle what Disney does right, what needs to be fixed, and the science of waiting. Kip has the Backpage.

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Team MMOM discusses their favorite topic this week:  their adventure getaway to WDW.  On that trip, the Boys plan to tackle the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plan and Eating and Drinking Around the World during the Food and Wine Festival.  The NewsWheel turns on recharging stations in the park, wait times during the 4th of July, and Bob in Burbank getting to stay in Burbank an extra year.  Russ has the Backpage.

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This week Team MMOM introduce themselves by discussing lessons of how the statistical revolution in sports like baseball can inform thoughtful analysis of trip planning and discussion of all thing WDW.  The New Wheel turns on Sofia the First taking on a bigger role at the Studios, the death of room service in New York City, and a tweet from @tom_bricker on reduced EMH in the Magic Kingdom.  Dutch has the Backpage.

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Discussion this week on the theme park attendance report, a listener e-mail about the Wonders of Life Pavillion, and a major announcement.  Listen to the end.

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This week the team tackles Beth Kassab's take on recent ticket price news.  News Wheel turns on umbrellas at Be Our Guest, Magic Bands and more.

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We missed an e-mail from Bob in Burbank and he ended up making a sequester-like cut across the board.  We tell him what we would have told him if we had only read his e-mail in time.

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This week the Boys handle the Bi-Annual E-mail from Steve-o on the parks.  Lots of Epcot talk and the News Wheel in the Sky is turning too.

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This week The Team discusses the practice of hiring special needs people to cut lines at the parks.

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This week the Team tackles some of the worst and not-really-the-worst-but-these-people-are-really whiny of WDW.

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This week's discussion centers around Beth Kassab's article about the changes to Merida and other princesses.  The Team also goes over the Craft beer cart and Hawaii booth at the Food & Wine Festival.

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This week the boys spin the New Wheel and discuss taco carts, Starbucks, Fantasmic FastPass, California Grill's new menu and more.  They also cover the F&W Australia and Caribbean booths.

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Ideas to make WDW better and Food and Wine Festival Booths.

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A look back the first 99 episodes.  Thanks to all.

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This week the Team shares some ideas on how to survive at the Animal Kingdom.........on $40.  The show closes with a discussion of Touring Plan's Bar and Lounge Guide.

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This week the team react to what's happening in and around the world.  Topics include Wawa, Be Our Guest, and  Splitsville.

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Air Supply.  Disney World.  Epcot.  Fun.

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This week the team discusses ideas for long weekend trips and the joys of upgrades.

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News and notes episode.

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This week we roll with Guy Reads and discuss Our Kingdom of Dust.

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This week the team watches a movie:  Miracle.  They also follow up on Dutch's experience with the Dolphin.

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This week Dutch, Russ, and Kip Bayless discuss some of Disney's absolute worst properties.

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This week the team discusses how to handle a difficult hotel situation.  Also, a listener email.

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This week the Team vigorously discusses upcoming YouTube sensation Escape from Tomorrow. 

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Dutch breaks down how his trip went.  High/lowlights include Seek 2013, Centre Care, staying on points, character meet and greets, and the Fantasyland expansion.

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Dutch breaks down his dining experiences and covers a lot of restaurants that were new to him and a few that he returned to after a long lay off.

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This week Dutch shares the horrors of traveling with little ones.  Congrats Kip!

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An odd episode where some of the Team discusses how to convert a spouse to mouse love.

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