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Disney Food Blog map.  Preview of Food and Wine carts for Ireland and team rules.  Russ also walks the team through the Canada Pavilion.  We close out with a look at the France's offerings during the Food and Wine Festival.

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The Team tackles why the question of why is Disney playing defense on a casino in Florida.  There's also a segment on Epcot's recent milestone.

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This week each member of the teams drafts their own perfect day in the Magic Kingdom.

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This week the Team does the China Pavillion.  Kip brings a fun idea to the table and Russ and Dutch take a swing at it.  The show closes with Russ going off on a bit of news.

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Shout out!  The crew discusses Dutch's lack of fitness and how they will have to prepare for the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plan.  The team also discusses how their prep is and isn't different for most tours.

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