Mighty Men of Mouse

This week the team discusses the big Be Our Guest news which dovetails with a discussion of tradition and notions of nostalgia with the WDW community.  The show closes with a diversion into the world of cinema.

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Kip!  Discussion of the DVC secondary market and all you care to enjoy  of Mayor Bloomberg.

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Dutch has a last minute surprise.  He shares some of the details and a little bit of a speed bump he ran into.  Kip goes super in-depth on the realities, positive and negative, of DVC.

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This week the boys take a look at Norway, which is most likely not Sweden.  Dutch also shares some of his ADR info and what he's looking forward to in Fantasyland Expansion.  We close out by doing a little talk about Fall 2013.  Also, feel free to check out Man vs. Clogs

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